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Healthcare Work Setting Training Resources

Although some individuals who contract a novel influenza virus may recover quickly at home without additional care, many others will require or seek some form of medical care. Healthcare facilities may be overwhelmed by an increased number of sick individuals needing care, while their own staffing may be reduced as healthcare workers fall ill as well. In addition, healthcare workers and resources will still need to meet the on-going, non-pandemic medical demands of the public. Advanced planning to keep healthcare workers and facilities staffed and available is critical.

One sector of the healthcare industry that works with vulnerable populations is the Long Term Care (nursing home) industry. The following resources have been developed specifically for this industry group based on feedback received from a 2007 needs analysis conducted among Georgia Long Term Care administrators and staff.

Training Slides for Long Term Care Facilities: HTML | PDF
Current through March 2009

Updated H1N1 (Swine Flu) Training Slides: HTML | PDF
Current through August 2009

Training Video for Long Term Care Facilities
Current through March 2009

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